Dear All,


A preliminary stage of works to install the new pedestrian crossing at the junction of Ewell Road and Ditton Road will begin today.


This initial phase involves knocking down and re-aligning part of the planter wall on the east side of the junction, and is expected to be completed this week. This is no significant impact on traffic (including pedestrians during these works).


We will return in March to complete the main phase of the works. Works are programmed to begin in the week of Monday 3rd March, lasting 4 – 6 weeks. There will be some disruption to pedestrians and other traffic, but please be assured we will be working to minimise this disruption.


I attach a copy of the letter and plan which you should also have received through your door.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards



Liam Judge 
Project Engineer
Traffic Management & Design
Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames





Head of Planning and Transport

Viv Evans


Traffic Management and Design

Guildhall 2

Kingston upon Thames

Surrey KT1 1EU


The Owner/Occupier                                               Enquiries to: Contact Centre

Nos. 222 – 320 (even), 243 - 299 (odd)                  E-mail:

Ewell Rd, Cotterrill Rd (Ditton Rd to                        Direct Line: 020 8547 5002       

Dennan Rd), Ellerton Rd (Ditton Rd to

Dennan Rd) Chamberlain Way, Ditton Rd

(Ewell Rd to Hook Rd), Iris Close,

Kingsdowne Rd, Langley Avenue,                         

Mayfair Close, St. Matthew’s Avenue &                 

St Matthew’s Primary School                                 


24th January 2014


Dear Sir/Madam




I am writing to advise of upcoming works to install a pedestrian crossing on Ditton Road at its junction with Ewell Road. A plan of the new crossing is attached to this letter.


The crossing is being introduced at this junction in response to requests from local residents, residents’ associations and St. Matthew’s Primary School for a dedicated “Green Man” crossing in this location to improve this well used walking route.


An initial phase of works to re-align a section of the planter wall on the eastern side of the junction will carried out during the week commencing Monday 27th January 2014.There will be no impact on traffic during these works and pedestrian routes will be maintained.


The main phase of works to construct the new island, re-align the kerb, complete works to the footways and install new traffic signals, will begin in the week commencing Monday 3rd March 2014 and is expected to last 5 – 6 weeks. Although we will not need to close Ditton Road, there will be times during these works when traffic will be disrupted. Please be assured that we will work to keep this disruption to a minimum.


As part of the works, traffic signal timings will be updated to ensure that the junction works as efficiently as possible to the benefit of all road users.


The scheme forms part of efforts in the last 2 years to improve walking routes along Ewell Road particularly across junctions. Works have been carried out at the junctions with Broomfield Road, Brown’s Road, Douglas Road, Hollyfield Road and Langley Road. Further schemes at Egmont Road,   South Terrace and Berrylands Road are also programmed to be constructed in the Spring.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me as detailed above.


Yours faithfully,



Liam Judge, Project Engineer - Surbiton Neighbourhood

13:07, 03 Feb 2014 by David Gander