Staying Safe Event

Saturday 11th June

10am for 10.15am

The Sanctuary

New Malden Methodist Church

49 New Malden High Street (By Tudor Williams)


A one hour interactive talk packed with fantastic tips

Email if you would like to attend



Would you like some expert personal safety tips to help you stay safe in a variety of situations?

Do join us for our Staying Safe Event at 10am for 10.15am on Saturday 11th June. The programme will cover:

Welcome and Introductions


Stay Safe at Home

When someone comes to the door

Keep your home safe

Look after yourself at home


Stay Safe When You Go Out

Before you go out

Things to take with you when you go out

When you are out

When you are in the countryside

If you go to a pub or a café

Look after yourself when you go out - if someone bothers you


Stay Safe on Buses and Trains

When you are travelling

Look after yourself on buses and trains


Stay Safe in Taxis and Minicabs



Look after yourself in taxis and minicabs


Stay Safe at Cashpoints

Cashpoint tampering

Shoulder surfing


What to do if there is real trouble

If you have a problem with someone

If someone attacks you and you can’t get away

What to do after a problem


Facts that help Police

What did the person look like?

What makes a good description for police?

What clothes were they wearing?

What was the number of their car?

Where did it happen?

What time did it happen?

Who else saw what happened?


Stay Safe Online

Secure your identity like you would your home

Protect your computer

Protect yourself

Look out for spam emails

Don’t fall victim to online scams

How to spot a ‘Phishing’ email

Don’t be a Money ‘Mule’- the consequences of being a Money ‘Mule’

Avoid becoming a victim

How to spot an attempt at ‘Mule’ Recruitment

Social media - settings and content


This is an interactive session where attendees will learn what they can do immediately to increase their chances of staying safe. Our fantastic speaker, Chief Inspector Gary Taylor, from Kingston Police will be leading the session.

This free event will be very popular. To register your attendance and secure your place please email

21:51, 25 May 2016 by David Gander